100 wc Week 4

Walking along the cracked footpath, I try to pay attention to the river flowing but I can’t hear the majestical sound of the river flowing down the mountain. I climb over the mound and to my surprise instead of seeing the beautiful river I see nothing but the bottom of the river. I have never seen the river so dry. I started to run upstream hoping to see the sight of water. Shivers ran up and down my spine as I got further upstream. I decided to give up because if i hadn’t seen anything yet I wasn’t going to.

100 word challenge #22


As I read my calendar, I realized today was the last day of the term. On the school bus I found a tiny piece of white paper squished into a minuscule ball beside me. I picked it up and threw it at Angus. During the last period I was so excited that I got clumsy, dropped my pen and it shattered all over me and my desk. The ink was so sticky. Luckily the school had a washing machine so I could wash my top. When I got home I told mum what had happened and she just laughed loudly.